Manage, back-up and
delete your slack files.

Flack is the app that teams, companies and public channels use to create more storage space on Slack.

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Filter and sort

Finished with a project? Use the filters to select the channel and clean up files. You can also sort files by size and recency.

Backup Files

Still need your files? Use our organized backup feature to download your files before deleting them to make space.

Delete in Bulk

Say goodbye to deleting files one by one. You can now save yourself plenty of time and delete files all at once.

Why did we develop flack_?

Because our team needed a solution for the storage problem.

We love using Slack, and like all the other teams around the world, we exchange tons of files over our channels - until we hit the 5GB storage limit.

To make space, we needed to delete files one by one from every channel.

We value our time and thought of a way to make this process more efficient. So we created our own tool and made it super easy for others to use as well and called it - Flack.

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* Admins only have access to direct messages sent to them personally and not the direct messages between other team members.
Prices shown are in total amounts. If you have a team of 10 people and you selected our Standard Plan, your total will be $7 per month not $70 per month. If you need more than one team member to have access to our features, our Plus Plan gives access to all your workspaces team members but your total will remain $10 per month, not $100 per month regardless of how many of your team members are active or using flack.


Because files are involved and privacy is key, we wanted to take the time to assure you that our solution is safe for you to use.

Our servers are secure and your files can only be accessed by you

Flack is built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure

We do not save or share user information or use information for marketing purposes.